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May 15, 2013: New Orientation

I gave myself two months to focus on moble: and EmojiMaker before starting a side job. When the time came to begin sifting through craigslist postings the possibilities were near endless: an office manager in charge of stocking snacks, a reservationist and back office manager for Flour + Water (Italian amazingness at my disposal?!), 500 barista postings, etc, etc. I was getting caught between doing something super flexible or something that would require more of my time yet provide challenges and continued growth. I debated which way to go, coming back to ‘I don’t know what to do … but I know what I want to do’. Since leaving my job I caught myself telling people that opening a coffee shop was the ‘holy grail’. There is safety in calling it the ‘holy grail’ perched high on a shelf, but I had to ask and answer whether it was something I was going to do or hoped would happen someday. I wrestled with my ridiculousness for a few days and recognized I had thrown myself into a new path to see and be open to where it would take me and it is taking me right to where I want to go. The timing isn’t always there to ‘go for it’ and that is fine, it doesn’t mean it isn’t pursuable at some point, but my values, passions and space for opportunity seemed to be aligning, so I applied to a coffee bar lead position at Canyon Market and I start today! Canyon Market is an incredible independent grocery store in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco and I am fortunate to be working for some amazingly talented owners. I am excited to serve coffee to an awesome community of families, students, and Silicon Valley professionals, be a leader to employees, and create a new vision and direction for this part of the business. I am going to learn soooo much; like, a lot, a lot and I am so excited to dive in to all things scheduling, managing, stocking, ordering, perfecting, expanding, and more. These are probably things I should do before opening any doors 😉

moble: and EmojiMaker (now CropAround) will live on. There is still lots to do and learn there – and CropAround is scheduled to be in the app store soon. (yay!)


One thought on “May 15, 2013: New Orientation

  1. Bon Jour to the Barista Unit, from the other units you know. Great writings and inspiring stories. You on a great track, keep it going! You know the love is always there.

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