The Emotional Adventure of Leadership | Harvard Business Review |Peter Bregman

“One of the defining characteristics of strong leaders is their ability to endure uncertainty and ambiguity. They are willing to move through shame and embarrassment and anxiety and fear. Those are the feelings of leadership as much as courage and persistence and faith. In fact, it’s because those feelings are ever-present that we need courage and persistence and faith.”

Bregman’s realization of the importance of endurance, specific to uncertainty and ambiguity, came while being lost on a camping trip and it is one of my favorite definitions of a leader. In a meeting, presentation, side discussion, client interaction, etc are you able to embrace moments of uncertainty rather than dodge them or put up a  fence of pride. Sometimes in those moments you need to rely on your rolodex of knowledge and give the answer or solution a moment to show itself; however, it is equally important to be able to communicate you don’t know or understand.

The Emotional Adventure of Leadership by Peter Bregman



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