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July 15, 2013: Studio Living Love Affair

[… June 23, 2013: Beyond the coffee bar, my month of subletting in Glen Park, where I work, is coming to an end and I am moving to downtown SF next week. I will no longer be able to trot downhill and will need to ride public transportation, but I look forward to walking through the city during early hours where I will experience a different energy – before the tourists wake up.]

I have lived in 3 places in 3 months. It is a little extreme, but I couldn’t happier with how it has all turned out. Living in Glen Park for a month was surprisingly pleasant. The owners of the house I stayed in are great and they still come see me at the coffee bar (perfect example of why I want to have my own shop). The other subletter recently transplanted to SF to work at a start up so we had some interesting conversations and continue to be in touch.

Currently, I am living in the studio apartment of a good friend of mine from Oregon for six months and I am in love. No reflection on the amazing places I have lived and incredible people I have lived with, this is just different and it fits.

Location: like no other. Google Maps calls the neighborhood Lower Nob Hill and others call it TenderNob or Union Square. It is a slight identity crisis for me and I tend to flip flop between the three. It is a loud area, but I prefer that. I’m pretty sure somebody was standing outside my window the other night holding a boom box John Cusack style, blasting their love for 90’s R&B. Beats the sleep timer. It is also incredible easy to get anywhere by Bart, walking, or bus.

Bars, restaurants and coffee shops = large to do list. The Owl Tree, Library Bar, Rye, Bourbon & Branch; Farm:Table, Sweet Woodruff, Sons & Daughters, Millenium, ; Cup-A-Joe (my go-to), Sugar Cafe’

The place: It is not a large space, but it about perfectly fits what I own and is comfy. I don’t have cable or internet and I don’t know yet if I will get either. It has been great to default to reading, talking to friends and family, working out, cooking and listening to music. The approx 80 coffee shops nearby have been doing a great job of giving me my coffee fix AND wireless connection – I’d rather give my internet bill to them rather than Comcast.

Here are some pics of my settled but not quite nested spot (small remaining details should be finished soon). Lujac is studying to be an architect so he gets full credit for the models I get to stare at in awe: The (New) York Runway.

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